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We are Costa Rica Vacation Condos. We manage two condos in Urbaizacion Las Palmas, Playa del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The condos are family owned and are only selectively rented when not in use by family members and/or close friends.


We use local staff of Villas Mapache as our property manager to oversee and maintain our property.


A major benefit for renting our condos is the peace-of-mind and comfort of having an on-site property manager that can help you with any of your needs to simple emergencies.


Welcome to my little piece of Paradise.


Some call Costa Rica the "Switzerland of the Americas"; others call it "Paradise on Earth". You can call it what you like, but one visit to Costa Rica and the memory of it will be etched in your mind forever. I call it “the Pura Vida Flu”; you can’t seem to shake it. As soon as we return from one vacation, I find myself ready to book the next one.

The Welcome Booklet (that our renters receive upon booking) started as simple directions to the condos and a list of attractions for our first visitor. Through our own trips and interactions with many locals, my desire to explore the area, along with, my innate willingness to share the sights, sounds, colours, facts and attractions of this magical coast, that Columbus saw fit to name it Costa Rica in 1502, has led to the compilation of these pages. Its enchanting rainforests, dry forests and cloud forests, majestic mountains, and countless virgin beaches among rocky bluffs, enclosed by numerous peninsulas and bays of unsurpassed scenic beauty, continue to keep me in a loving trance and eager to plan the next trip.

This website evolved from the Welcome Booklet in an attempt to share more images and information, quicker and up-to-date.


All pictures, on our site, have been taken during our trips since December 2005. Every effort has been made in regards to the accuracy of our site's content, but with regards to "Things to do" and our "Discount Vouchers", do realize that attractions and business may close; hours of operations may change, as well, new management may create new rules and regulations. Use this part of our site as a simple guide and be prepared to be accommodating in true Pura Vida style.


Muchisimas gracias for visiting us here at:

Hasta luego and wishing you Pura Vida amigo,

Joseph Di Franco, aka "Mr.Di"


December 2010

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